Shroom #3880

Rarity Ranking #5

Shrooms is a collection of 3,888 algorithmically generated 3D Mushrooms living on the Solana Blockchain. Each Shroom is uniquely crafted and comes with a huge variety of traits and attributes, many of which are Asian inspired.

Owned by GUfCR9mK6azb9vcpsxgXyj7XRPAKJd4KMHTTVvtncGgp

Mouth: Toothpick Rarity 3.78%

147 NFTs have this attribute

Eyes: X Rarity 2.03%

79 NFTs have this attribute

Head: Silver Headphones Rarity 0.41%

Rare Only 16 NFTs have this attribute

Body: White Puffy Jacket Rarity 1.13%

44 NFTs have this attribute

Skin: Black Rarity 6.73%

262 NFTs have this attribute

Background: Solana Rarity 4.68%

182 NFTs have this attribute

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NFT Activity for Shroom #3880

Sold for 1.602 SOL to 9MyhBUG7or5xXai3KCpQXXKKZd49aj1N1AtEiiRYC1ij on Alpha Art - (-- ago)


Minted by 7owxa3ugKT2KsrEDQxzdX5nGGTbAqqddqs6yHzfGVyu5 - (-- ago)